A nossa culinária tem o estilo do Chef Gustavo Rinkevich que o desenvolveu com suas experiências nos países mediterrâneos. Sabendo aproveitar os produtos da região, a gastronomia do Rocka é feita com modernidade, sabores brasileiros e toque praiano.

Our cuisine has the style of Chef Gustavo Rinkevich who developed it with his experiences in Mediterranean countries.
Knowing how to take advantage of the region’s products, Rocka’s cuisine is made with modernity, Brazilian flavors and a beachy touch.
Using fire as a striking technique in the kitchen, our menu is designed according to the seasonality of the ingredients. In this way,

we guarantee the freshness and flavor of the dishes.
We value sustainable fishing. Therefore, purchases are made from small local suppliers with ethical credentials.
Every day we select the best ingredients in the region, from freshest fish, squid from Arraial do Cabo, oysters and other seafood,
to organic vegetables picked from our garden.
Everything to create dishes with different flavors, healthy and meticulously harmonized.

Rocka Búzios

Summer 2023 menu

We present to you our menu “Summer 2023”, with some classics and new proposals. Suggestions are created every day, inspired by the fresh products of the day. Our cuisine is in the style of Chef Gustavo Rinkevich who developed it with his experiences in Mediterranean countries. On this occasion, it was inspired by winter products. To get to know our cuisine better and fully enjoy it, we suggest choosing several options to share.


Codfish croquette with red “biquinho”pepper aioli (3 pcs)

Tapioca and “coalho” cheese cubes with passion fruit sweet chili (3 pcs)

Catch of the day tartare with trout roe, mascarpone and crunchy cappuccina (2 pcs)

Beet hummus with pickled mini vegetables, quail egg and pita bread

Creamy burrata with escalivada, black garlic, Brazilian nuts, organic arugula and sourdough toast

Chicken “foie” pate with sourdough bread, pickles and homemade jams

Spanish style “Bravas” potatoes with light garlic foam and spicy sauce

Grilled sweetbreads with mango vinaigrette and focaccia toast

Catch of the day ceviche with pink pepper flavor, sweet potato,
red “biquinho” pepper and “cancha” corn

Lobster tail confit with coconut “ajo blanco”, green fruit tartar, black garlic and chive oil

Octopus carpaccio with pink pepper flavor, aioli, green apple and celery vinaigrette

Low temperature boiled farm egg with mushrooms “duxelle”, yam foam and confit lemon oil

Warm caramelized goat cheese salad with mango relish, crispy parma ham, black olives focaccia and wild arugula

Black angus beef tartar with katsuobushi vinegar, heart of palm cream, fresh green apple, mini crouton, pickled heart of palm and organic sprouts

Homemade squid ink spaghetti sautéed with bottarga, scallop foam and mini confit vegetables

“Meloso” Spanish style rice with lobster and tucupi jambu and organic zucchini carpaccio

Heart of palm and shitakes on the grill with quinoa sautée, “romesco” sauce and organic sprouts

Grilled octopus with “romesco” sauce, vegetables on the grill and black olives

Grilled catch of the day fillet with garlic “refrito”, plantain puree, brazilian nut “farofa”, pack choi and chayote steamed with “cachaça”

Grilled baby chicken with organic carrot puree, quinoa sautée, curry iogurth and jamaican pepper sauce

Pururuca Moorish pork belly with charcuteiro sauce, cashew puree, roasted pineapple and garden leaves

Grilled black angus ribeye (300g) with “chimichurri”, fried cassava, roasted onions and roasted aioli

Grilled sirloin with “baroa” potato a mushroom gratin, yellow manioc “farofa” and Sichuan pepper sauce

White belgian chocolate soup with passion fruit sauce and ice-cream

Belgian chocolate textures with pitanga ice-cream and milk meringues

Basque cheesecake with mantiqueira cheese, blue berry ice-cream and raspberry gel

Homemade ice-cream tasting (4 flavors)

Caramelized sweet rice with coconut milk, mango confit and cinammon ice-cream

Pavlova with “dulce de leche” and coconut, burnt milk ice-cream, “dulce de leche” mousse and humid coconut cake

Rocka’s ice-cream cup: açaí and cumaru ice-cream, toffee, honney comb and chocolate cake

“Incredible! Excellent view, incredible sea, divine food and perfect service. One of the best experiences I’ve had in Búzios!”

~ Claudio Bielenki Jr

“A melhor experiência gastronômica que tive em anos. O peixe é super fresco e a equipe é realmente maravilhosa. Venho toda vez que estou em búzios.”

~ Adriana Andrade

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